oncology immunotherapy
We're hacking cancer by making immunotherapy 10x more effective and 10x safer.
Shutting down immunorepression, for good.

How It Works

ASCENHEALTH arms the immune system with the cutting edge of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing and nanoparticle drug carriers to completely obliterate the immunorepression phenomenon, so you'll be able to fight cancer faster, stronger and better.

CRISPR-Cas9 Therapy

Instead of preventing the reaction between PD-1 receptors on cytotoxic T-cells and PDL-1 receptors on tumour cells which handicap the immune response, we will engineer the tumour cells so they themselves build proteins that will destroy their own PDL-1 receptors.

Liposome Nano-Carriers

We will deliver the engineered gene sequence through liposome nano-particle drug carriers which will efficiently enter the mutated tumour cells and precisely target the diseased area. Liposome nano-carriers are highly biocompatible and non-immunogenic.

PROTAC Solution

The gene sequence introduced into the tumour cells will be used to build proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTAC) molecules designed to break down PDL-1 receptor proteins into smaller polypetides, preventing tumour cells from suppressing the immune system.

Not just a buzzword: CRISPR-Cas9 makes for proactive treatment

Today's immunotherapies require increased dosage with each intake as the drugs which send antibodies inhibiting the PD-1 to PDL-1 reaction wear down over time. On the other hand, genetically modifying the tumour cell's DNA will allow it to continuously create proteins destroying its own PDL-1 receptors, and this information will be passed on to their daughter cells.

  • Proactive, not preventative
  • Minimizes life-threatening autoimmune reactions
  • More efficient and precise

Targeted drug delivery on the nanoscale

Many cancer therapies fall short when delivering their drugs to the affected area. Targeting is not precise enough and often non-selective, which causes buildup and adverse side-effects that severely weaken the body. By using nanoparticles such as liposomes, we can target tumours more efficiently by binding with over-expressed antigens. We can also take advantage of the increased permeability liposomes offer.

  • Less frequent dosage
  • Minimization of multiple drug resistance
  • Faster, safer targeting

Breaking down immunorepression at the source

Engineering tumour cells to halt their own immunorepressive characteristics is a more sustainable solution possible due to the PROTAC molecule, an emerging therapeutic tool. PROTAC will selectively destroy the PDL-1 receptor proteins of the tumour cells by degrading them into smaller amino acids or polypeptides.

  • Versatile molecule for intracellular protein degradation
  • Useful for targeting mutated or overexpressed proteins
  • Innovative tool in drug discovery

Our Team

Ayleen Farnood Co-Founder

Ayleen is a brain-machine interface researcher and developer, with a passion for neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.

Ramy Zhang Co-Founder

Ramy is a DApp developer and blockchain enthusiast highly invested into innovation in healthcare.

Abe Arafat Co-Founder

Abe is a computer vision developer interested in finding intersections between medicine and AI.

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